Hemp - Religious Boon or curse

Hemp - Religious Boon or curse

Hemp has been part of all major religions. With the ability to use it as an intoxicant, it has gotten a bad rap. But was that the case always? Well, the short answer is no. Hemp, in fact, has been a major part of both Hinduism and Buddhism. Let us see some of the references to their usage in these respective religions.


The seventeenth-century Hindu text, Rajvallabha, concludes that consuming the food of the gods creates vital energy, increases mental powers, and brings delight to Shiva. Shiva is known as Lord of Bhang and on Shivratri (Shiva’s night), hot butter decoctions of bhang are poured over the Shiva Linga all night. In ancient times the preparation of hemp resin was a secret of the Brahmin priests, who restricted its public use by allowing bhang to be used only occasionally and in limited quantities as an offering in religious celebrations such as the Kali, Durga-Puja, and Vijaya Dashmi festivals. All in all, hemp was always a part of Hinduism and was always considered sacred. It was also very popular among ancient Indian Texts.


In the Mahayana Buddhist tradition, legend has it that the Buddha lived on one cannabis seed a day in the six years of ascetic discipline before his enlightenment. But the involvement of cannabis in some types of Buddhist practice is more than just mythical, it is contemporary as well as historical. For example, the Tantric Buddhists in the Tibetan Himalayas use cannabis ritually to deepen their meditation and raise awareness.

The usage of hemp can be found throughout classical Indian and Buddhism texts for religious, spiritual, and medicinal purposes. We at Hampa Wellness want to bring the goodness of hemp to everyone across India and the Globe. However, we respect everyone’s sentiment and views. While using hemp for spiritual and religious purposes is a personal choice, using hemp for its magical medicinal power has always been a norm. If you really would like to explore its medicinal usage, we have got some great products made from pure hemp; that you would love to try.

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