Hemp Hearts or Quinoa Bowl - which is the better breakfast superfood?

Hemp Hearts or Quinoa Bowl - which is the better breakfast superfood?

Myths About Hemp Seeds: Uncover the Truth!

People are more susceptible to diseases due to their poor lifestyle and eating habits than in today’s testing time. The food you eat has the potential to be both a remedy and a poison. That’s why it is crucial to eat healthily, and the seeds are convenient and adaptable and can be used in anything from muffins and bread to salads, soups, and desserts. Super Seeds is a must-have for everyone who wants to eat healthy while enjoying tasty food. We will be talking about two such choices of superfoods here. Both are tiny to look at but nothing less than a powerhouse on their own, known as the World’s nutritious seeds. Hemp hearts and quinoa seeds are both highly nutritious and make the best breakfast with their set of differences. So, if you are confused about what to choose, here’s everything you may need to know about these superfoods.

Superfood- Hemp or Quinoa?

There are so many options available in the market, making it confusing to pick the best one. Hemp Hearts and Quinoa seeds are the two that people prefer the most out of them all. In every serving, you'll get a lot of protein, essential fatty acids, and a terrific taste. They're ideal for vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free diets, and they each receive their spotlight. Focusing on just the positives, these two superfoods each have their own set of advantages. Here are some distinctions between the two that will help you decide which to serve as breakfast for higher benefits.

What to Choose- Hemp or Quinoa?

A detailed comparison from different perspectives between the two- explained below.

  • Nutrition value
    Hemp seeds have better nutritional content than most other seeds in most areas. Here's a breakdown of nutrition in Quinoa seeds vs. Hemp seeds to help you understand:

  • Hemp Seeds (100 g)-
    >Live enzymes
    >567 kcal Calories
    >33 g of protein, 3 g of dietary fiber, 2 g of insoluble fiber
    >7g of carbohydrate and cholesterol 0 mg.
    >47.2 fat, 37 g of polyunsaturated fat, 3.4 palmitic, 1.5 g stearic
    >27.6 g omega 6, 5.8 g omega 9 and 8.7 g omega 3.
    >1 mg of vitamin C, 250% vitamin E, 4 IU of Vitamin A (B carotene), 860% Riboflavin (Vit B2).
    >6% of calcium, 230% of magnesium, 90% of zinc, 290% of manganese.
    >90% of copper, 50% of niacin, 90% iron, 120% thiamine, 0 mg sodium and 120% phosphor.

  • Uncooked Quinoa Seeds (100 g)-
    >368 kcal Calories
    >64 g of carbohydrates, 52 g of starch, and 7 g of dietary fiber
    > 6g of fat, 3.3g of polyunsaturated
    >14 g of protein, 13 g of water
    >16% Vitamin E, 46% Vitamin B9 (folate), 38% Vitamin B6, 27% Riboflavin and 31% Vitamin B1 (Thiamine).
    >35% Iron, 55% Magnesium, 33% Zinc and 65% phosphorous.

  • Calories
    Both hemp seeds and quinoa seeds have high calories when talking about calories. However, Quinoa has 120 calories per 100 grams, and A 30 gram serving (three tablespoons) of raw hemp seeds contains Calories: 166. Protein: 9.47 grams. Fat: 14.6 grams.

  • Carbohydrates
    As compared to Quinoa seeds, Hemp seeds have 59% fewer carbohydrates. For example, hemp seed has 8.7g of carbohydrates, while quinoa has 21.3g of total carbs per 100 g.

  • Vitamins
    In terms of Vitamin C, quinoa doesn't contain much, whereas hemp seed has 0.5 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams. In terms of Vitamin A, Quinoa doesn't contain much, while hemp seed has 1 ug per 100 grams. And in terms of Vitamin E, Hemp seed has 0.8mg of Vitamin E, whereas Quinoa has 0.63 mg per 100 grams.

  • Omegas
    In terms of Omega 3s fatty acids, quinoa has less alpha-linolenic acid than Hemp seeds. However, hemp seed contains less DHA than quinoa. In terms of Omega 6 fatty acids, quinoa has less linoleic acid than hemp seeds per 100 grams.

  • Antioxidants and phytonutrients
    Both quinoa and hemp seeds have small amounts of beta-carotene. However, Quinoa has 3 ugs of beta-carotene, whereas hemp seeds have 7 ugs. And for lutein and zeaxanthin, hemp seeds do not have much, while Quinoa has 53 ugs.

  • Minerals
    Hemp seeds have 312% more calcium than quinoa in terms of calcium. Hemp seeds have 70 mg of calcium, while quinoa has 17 mg. In terms of Iron, Hemp seed has 434% more iron than Quinoa. While hemp seed has 8 mg, quinoa has 1.5 mg of Iron per 100 grams.And in terms of potassium, hemp seed again has more potassium, which is around 598% more than quinoa. For comparison, hemp seed has 1200 mg, while quinoa has 172 mg potassium.

A quick recap of differences in Quinoa and Hemp seeds

  • Both hemp seeds and quinoa are high in dietary fiber and calories.

  • As compared to Quinoa, Hemp has 59% lesser carbohydrates.

  • Hemp seed has more saturated fat in comparison to Quinoa.

  • Hemp has a higher value of niacin, Thiamine, riboflavin, folate, and Vitamin B6.

Both Quinoa bowls and hemp hearts have been the favorite food of many as both of them have their benefits to serve. While Hemp hearts have a great nutritional profile that is hard to match, Quinoa is a complete protein and has all nine essential amino acids. It would not be incorrect to say that hemp and quinoa are superfoods. Despite their size, they have been on the radar of many health-conscious individuals over the decades.
However, hemp hearts are considered a powerhouse of nutrients and the world's best superfood. Another mind-blowing fact is that not a single plant source can compare to the nutritional value of Hemp.

Do not skip your breakfast!

Breakfast is the most essential and primarily first meal of the day. The worst one can do skip breakfast altogether. But with breakfast bowls, it doesn't have to be this way. Quinoa and hemp hearts are both known for being superfoods, and the best part is that they're both readily available and delicious. Because prevention is better than cure, conduct some study into which superfoods can significantly influence your lifestyle needs before starting right off.

[Important: Hemp Hearts and Hemp Seeds- Are they the same?]

They are not the same, but they serve the same purpose, and that is why both these terms “Hemp Hearts’ and “Hemp seeds” are used interchangeably. Hemp seeds are nothing but seeds of the cannabis Sativa plant; their exterior is more like nuts because they have a hard texture, but the inside part is soft. And that soft part inside is the hemp hearts that come with a nutty flavor and can be eaten raw.]

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