A Healthy Heart is a Way to Healthy Life!

A Healthy Heart is a Way to Healthy Life!

A Healthy Heart is a Way to Healthy Life!

A person who is 35 years, their heart will beat 1.25 billion times.

Simultaneously, the same person has spent 1.1 billion seconds of his/her lifespan.

Your heart is always active!

The heart is the epicentre to overall good health. Embracing a healthy lifestyle, timely eating habits, and a regular workout regime can prevent heart diseases.

Age doesn't matter to begin taking care of the heart. Indeed, the earlier you start making healthy choices, the longer your heart can reap the benefits.

Given the fact that the heart is never-off its duty, it's very surprising how efficiently it works throughout one's life. However, like any other organ, it also needs proper nourishments and nutrients to continue to function properly.

Doctors have concluded some factors that lead to the increasing risks of heart problems.

  • Obesity
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Family history
  • Ageing
  • High cholesterol rate
  • Smoking
  • Lack of physical activities

A healthy lifestyle, especially from a young age, helps to prevent heart-related diseases. Along with adopting healthy lifestyle habits, we are presenting you 6-essential ways to improve your heart conditions.

● A Session Of Physical Activities

Physical activities involving walking, jogging, or cycling helps to keep our hearts healthy. But, many people are ignorant towards their physical fitness due to their time-crunched working schedule or negligence.

Physical activities improve the muscle's ability to pull oxygen out of the blood. For instance, while walking briskly, our heart pumps more blood to the muscles and stimulates every organ in the body. It helps to lower blood pressure, which decreases the chances of heart diseases.

Physical activities are a necessity to overcome the concerns related to your body. Include exercising for 30 minutes out of your daily routine to maintain physical fitness. It also promotes mental wellbeing, concentration, and muscle strength.

● A Break from Unhealthy Eating Habits

With changing lifestyles, people are either ignorant or stressed out due to many physical and behavioural problems going on in their lives. It is observed that individuals do not have a proper work-life balance that causes unhealthy and untimely eating habits.

For a healthy heart, it is essential to have home-cooked meals at a proper time. Consuming foods at irregular hours may lead to an increase in -weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol- all of these are not good for your heart health.

Also, midnight snacking is another factor that contributes to chronically poor eating habits.

● Limit/Quit Smoking  

Smoking Kills!

Although every smoking packet contains this tagline, people never take it seriously. Smoking has become a common habit, especially among the young generation, which they adapt by following their favourite celebrities.

It is one of the factors which leads to the increasing risks of heart problems. Cigarettes contain nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, and other toxic chemicals that cause severe heart and lung-related diseases.

Smoking affects the breathing rate of the people around the person smoking. According to research, 63% of the Indian population consumes cigarettes, of which 16% die due to heart attack.

There is a high need to plan upon having a non-smoking life and staying positive for your heart. To quit smoking, you can also consider nicotine replacement therapy.

● Avoid Processed And Fast Foods

Due to time-crunched working schedules and untimely eating habits, many people don't get time to receive home-cooked meals. Also, it's not always possible to order foods from restaurants. Hence, many depend on processed and fast food to beat hunger.

But, processed foods contain an unhealthy level of added salt, sugar, and preservatives that are harmful to the heart. For healthy living, have oatmeals, fruits, nuts, or high-fibre supplements in replacement of processed or fast foods. Even if you are ordering food online, make sure it's healthy and contains fewer preservatives.

We need to shift ourselves back to a healthy lifestyle by avoiding processed and junk foods harmful to our bodies.

● Reduce the Level of Stress and Anxiety

Stress has the potential to cause heart-related diseases. It may lead to high blood pressure that might risk heart attack or heart stroke.

Besides mental stress, other factors like smoking, overeating, or lack of physical activities also accumulate stress in our bodies. These factors also contribute to cardiovascular diseases.

On the other hand, anxiety leads to high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which leads to a risk of heart disease. An anxiety attack stems from a mental cause, and they are more severe than a heart attack.

A well-balanced diet, breathing exercises, and breaks between your daily routine will help you stay stress-free. During a heated argument, have a glass of water to lower the blood pressure.

● A Handful Of Nuts Is Must

Studies suggest that increased consumption of nuts aids in lowering cardiovascular diseases. A person can improve their heart health by eating more nuts, assuming they are not allergic. 

With a well-balanced diet, a handful of nuts like walnuts, almonds, pistachios, and peanuts, are suitable for a healthy heart.

These nuts contain heart-friendly nutrients such as vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, fibres, and unsaturated fats. They might help reduce cholesterol, improve blood vessels, and get rid of inflammations.

Eat a fistful of nuts daily to keep your heart healthy.


Along with a well-balanced diet and physical activities, one needs that extra element to reach their health goals. That's why we recommend Hemp Hearts for a healthy heart.

Hemp, as a whole plant, is one of the five sacred plants mentioned in the Vedas.

In ancient times, hemp was used to cure physical ailments, sleep disorders, and heart problems. Inheriting the old traditions, we present you hemp hearts- raw, shelled hemp seeds interiors to meet your daily nutritional needs for a healthy heart.

Filled with the goodness of Omega-3 and Omega-6 in a golden ratio, a spoonful of Hemp Hearts can help to improve cardiovascular health, regulates cholesterol levels, and supports the immune system.

Also, it contains edestine proteins, a highly digestible protein, which helps to regulate the metabolism activities and improves the digestive system.

It is 100% natural, plant-based, and vegan! 


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